Style is a simple way of saying complex things.

To put it less concisely, for us, “style” is the considered application of aesthetics to communicate ideas on a visceral level. And that's what we're all about—using design to help clients resonate with their audiences. We're well aware that the S-word can be subjectively controversial—it has good and bad connotations for different people. But whether you value style intellectually or eschew it as superficial, its application in the design process is inevitable. We embrace it. We harness its power to cut to the chase. And failing that, we resort to potty humor.

Our Place at Kolstrand

Turnstyle's Seattle offices were designed by Graham Baba Architects. The building is over 100 years old and was formerly home to the eponymous marine hardware manufacturer.

A large mural on the central wall of the studio features the top half of a two-story advertising mural for "L. Karn Groceries, Dealer in Staple & Fancy," which is where the renowned Ethan Stowell Restaurant downstairs got its name.