Bird Machine Vol. 1

Meet Bird Machine—Oiselle’s first print publication. This inaugural issue celebrates the joy of body movement and explores how it is forever linked to what it produces: personal growth and collective power. It includes original writings from runners Lauren Fleshman, Kara Goucher, and Alison Mariella Désir—alongside a closer look at Oiselle's fall 2020 Flystyle. Fly with Oiselle.






Amber Fouts
Ryan Warner

Obmv1 Spread 01 C2

Form follows function

The Bird Machine endeavors to explore resonant themes, elevate athletes’ voices and discuss important issues effecting the women's running community. So, our design proposal was a large-scale format to create impact and allow compositions to play with scale. A strong grid underlies layouts to provide structure and consistency while allowing shape and color, proportion and symmetry, rhythm and flow to vary from spread to spread.

– Limited Edition
– Size: 12 in x 17.5 in
– Pages: 24 pages
– Ink: 24 color process + 1 PMS
– Paper: Uncoated, white, smooth, 100 lb. text
– Typefaces: Druk, Gotham, Bodoni

Obmv1 Cover 01 A
Obmv1 Cover 01 B2


As a nod to Oiselle's Firecracker Collection featured in this issue (created for reflective style and night time safety), we printed with fluorescent ink which pops under a black light and conceptually serves to “shed light” on sports activism. From an emotional standpoint, imagery endeavors to capture a spectrum of visceral characteristics common to a runner’s experience:

– Strength
– Exhaustion
– Elation
– Anguish
– Anger
– Sadness
– Imperfect beauty
– Grit
– Etc.

Obmv1 Spread 02 C 1600
Obmv1 Spread 03 B 1600
Obmv1 Spread 02 D
Obmv1 Spread 04 A 1600
Obmv1 Spread 04 E
Obmv1 Spread 04 H 1600
Obmv1 Spread 05 C2
Obmv1 Spread 05 D
Obmv1 Spread 07 D
Obmv1 Spread 07 C2
Obmv1 Spread 08 C2
Obmv1 Spread 09 A2
Obmv1 Spread 9 E2
Obmv1 Spread 10 C2
Obmv1 Spread 10 E
Obmv1 Spread 11 C2
Oiselle Bird Machine Vol1 Detail 11 I
Obmv1 Label 04 B
Obmv1 Back Cover 01 A
Obmv1 Allup 01 C

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